Making a Difference Every Day!

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A Quality Education

Brookwood Elementary has a strong tradition of academic excellence and student success.  Our student test scores rank consistently among the top elementary schools in the state.  Teachers, students, and parents, work hard to ensure that all our children are successful, self-reliant, curious, responsible, and prepared to meet their next challenge and level of learning. The Utah State Core Curriculum is carefully and systematically incorporated to develop and challenge the whole child-mind, body and character. Brookwood Elementary is a community of motivated learners and teachers working together, bringing the best global educational experiences, and opportunities to prepare life long learners.

Teaching and Learning

The make up of our faculty includes instructors with advanced degrees and extensive experience along with new teachers who provide fresh perspective and insights.  Teachers are organized into grade equivalent teams where coupled efforts provide endless opportunities for individual growth.

Our PTA and parent volunteer involvement is second to none.  Brookwood Elementary volunteers bring with them a wealth of information and experience to help sharpen and expand young minds.  On site training enhances their donation of time and knowledge.

Brookwood provides a safe environment thus empowering the members of our school family to develop individual talents through balanced and comprehensive curricula in mathematics, reading, spelling, English, composition, science, health, art, music, physical education, social studies and technological competencies.

Our Bill of Rights

All students of Brookwood Elementary have the inherent rights:

  • To work in a productive classroom.
  • To be respected and to respect others.
  • To have their personal property respected.
  • To use a clean lavatory in a proper way.
  • To attend a neat, clean, safe school free of vandalism.
  • To play on a safe playground free from danger, teasing and rough play.
  • To eat in a clean, orderly lunch room without being bothered by others.
  • To work in a quiet media center and use books free from damage.
  • To walk to and from school without being bothered by others.
  • To walk in the building without being pushed, shoved, or having objects thrown at them.
  • To take part in all school activities to the best of their abilities without being belittled.