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SAGE / Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence

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Beginning in April, students in grades 3-11 and some students in grade 12 will take new, online tests required by the State Board of Education.

The tests are called SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence). SAGE tests are designed to measure the new Utah Core Standards in math and English language arts and Utah’s science standards. The tests will replace the CRTs.

The State Board of Education requires Utah students to take the SAGE tests every year. The state will report the overall test results in the fall. Please keep in mind that because these tests are completely different from the CRTs that measured old state standards, the results cannot be compared to old CRT scores. 

SAGE practice tests are available at They include multiple choice questions, writing prompts, and even experiments. We encourage you to check them out.

More information about the SAGE tests can be found at



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