8640 South Snowbird Drive, Sandy, UT 84093

Parking Lot Safety Plan

Brookwood's Safety Plan

Safety is always a TOP PRIORITY. Please follow a few simple instructions for protection of our Brookwood Student Body.

  1. Pull forward and stay in a single line.  DO NOT STOP AND HOLD UP THE CARPOOL LANE.  If you need to wait for a passenger please pull into a parking stall or pull out and enter again off Snowbird Dr.
  2. The north parking lot is for faculty parking only. NO STUDENT DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP ALLOWED. This change was made after a safety study was conducted by Sandy City and CSD’s Risk Assessment Coordinator.
  3. Once your passengers have excited or entered your vehicle, please pull out of line and exit the parking lot slowly.
  4. When walking, use the crosswalk at the south end of the parking lot.
  5. DO NOT walk across the parking lot dodging traffic.
  6. When riding a bike, get off and walk across the crosswalk.
  7. The bus lane is for the bus ONLY.
  8. No U turns allowed on Snow Mountain Dr., Snowbird Dr., and Alta Canyon Dr.
  9. When volunteering at the school you can park in the carpool lane during the hours of 9:15 am – 3:15 pm. Vehicles must be moved by 3:15 pm (1:30 pm on Fridays)  so that they do not interfere with after school pick up.
  10. Be courteous to other drivers.
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