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Hi! I am Aimie Rizzuto and I am thrilled to become a Brookwood Bear!   I will be starting as a second year teacher at Brookwood teaching second grade students.   I graduated from Western Governors University with my elementary education degree.   I spent my first year as a teacher in a combined second and third grade class in Cedar City, Utah.   Early 2020 was quite the year to be a first year teacher!  Luckily, my education at an online university completely prepared me for the technical aspect of distance teaching.   I love using technology in the classroom, so my students had the benefit of already knowing how to use the platforms we used in remote education

Some of my favorite things about being a teacher are getting to be the person to facilitate a classroom of understanding, acceptance, and love for everyone who might be different from each other in any way.   I also really love getting to be the person who is present when a student finally understands a concept they have struggled with and can collaborate with their peers to help them understand it well.  I am passionate about instilling a growth mindset in those around me and it is especially rewarding to help children understand all the magical possibilities of the word “yet.”

A little about me: I grew up in the Treasure Valley of Idaho in a theatrical family.   I am passionate about acting, dancing, and pretending like I can sing.   I have been involved in all areas of the theatrical world.   My debut performance was as Baby Jesus when I was only 3 months old.  My husband, five children, two dogs, two gerbils, and I are super excited to return to my husband’s hometown of Sandy after having spent the last 15 years in Idaho, Oregon, and Southern Utah.  We can’t wait to hike the Mountain trails and enjoy all the places where the stories my husband has told us took place.   He even went to Brookwood for a few weeks after Silver Mesa flooded (a long time ago).   In my free time you might find me reading a book, writing a script, creating some scrapbook pages, or baking some delicious goodies!

I am excited to join the Brookwood Bears family and get to know all of you!

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