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By fourth grade, simple addition and subtraction facts should be mastered.  If your student does not fluently know the multiplication facts through 12, please take time to practice with them (cards, computer games, skip counting, etc.), because we test these facts almost daily.  We have found the students who achieve automaticity with their multiplication facts are the ones who can concentrate on higher order thinking and best achieve in mathematics.  Those who do not know them are stalled in their progress.  Your student may need extra help at home in this area. By the end of the year, all multiplication facts should be memorized and well into mastering the division facts. Reflex Math is an excellent, effective tool available to all Brookwood Students. Reflex helps students of all ability levels to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. https://www.reflexmath.com

We are fortunate to be using ST Math is a subscription based math practice website for elementary children. It is a game-based program that builds deeper conceptual understanding of math. Providing results at scale, plus personalized intervention. Fourth graders will engage in differentiated learning experiences based on their unique needs. Students will use this program (at school and home) to enhance understanding of the current math curriculum, review/reinforcement/practice previous and current concepts, extend knowledge and enrich through engaging practice. 

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Pearson Realize to our educational curriculum helping us meet every student at every level.  Pearson offers you the opportunity to look inside your child’s day-to-day learning. Visit https://www.pearsonrealize.com to not only view your child's progress in both Engish Language Arts and Mathematics, but also interact with current concepts using innovative learning paths that include text, inquiry and digital options.  You will be amazed at how motivated and excited your child will be to share in the interactive learning experiences while studying at home. Watch as your child “teaches” you how to access the resources we utilize in the classroom.

Home / Independent Reading should be a daily planner entry and habit.  Students are expected to record reading minutes on the daily calendar in their planner each day.  All students are encouraged to read a minimum of 20 minutes each day.  Minutes read on the weekends count towards the weekly 100 minute goal.  We suggest that students have a book to enjoy at home as well as one in their tote-tray at school.

Parents are an important part of this home reading program. Your help will be needed with:

  • Encouraging and monitoring independent reading at home.
  • Listening to your child read.  You and your child will decide how often reading will be aloud.
  • Recording and signing minutes read in school planner.
  • Asking your child questions about their reading, checking for understanding.
  • Helping your child pick diverse and appropriate literature to read. This may be from school texts, library books, newspapers, or any other recreational reading.

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