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April 27, 2021 – Minutes

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Brookwood’s Media Center

Members Present:
Parents: Abby Pohlman, Amy Jones, Derek Matsumori, Megan Olson, Misa Sorenson, Lance Soffe and Katie Park

Faculty/Staff: Principal Corrie Barrett, Caroline Butters, Kathy Smith

Members Excused:
Parents: Hadley Waters
Faculty/Staff: N/A

Attendees Present: Tori Easton and Audrey Rees


  1. Abby- Welcome Called meeting to order at 7:47
    1. Explained during the April 16th meeting we were unable to vote on keeping or removing zones the remainder of the year due to it not being included on the Agenda.
    2. Corrie has done research and will share that information, we will have a discussion, and then vote.
  2. Recess Zones/Input from Community
    1. Abby asked Corrie to start the discussion with her findings.
      1. Corrie reviewed the 4 questions she was asked to research. They were:
        1. What do teachers think of zones?
          1. Corrie asked the teachers for Pros and Cons. The common themes were:
            1. Pros- Less bullying behaviors, class unity was up.
            2. Cons- When kids have problems, they can’t leave the children they are having issues with and find other friends, and it is difficult to see all the children when on duty.
          2. What is the data on disciplinary action?
            1. 2018-2019 school year was the last school “normal” school year so the best year to compare to.
              1. Office referrals (Mrs. Barrett addressed issues) 16/35 (46%) were at recess.
              2. Minor Incidents (teachers addressed issues) 21/72 (29%) were at recess.
  • 34% of behavior problems reported took place at recess.
  1. 2020-2021
    1. Office referrals (Mrs. Barrett addressed issues) 8/23 (35%) were at recess.
    2. Minor Incidents (teacher addressed issues) 16/41 (39%) were at recess.
  • 37.5% of behavior problems reported took place at recess.
  1. This data shows zones did not result in more bullying.
  1. What are other schools doing? Do they have zones?
    1. Corrie sent out an e-mail to all (29) Elementary School principals in our district. She said, “My SCC would like to know how many schools are implementing class zones during recess. Would you mind responding with a quick Yes/No?” Response:
      1. Yes- Bella Vista, Brookwood, Butler (modified zones- playground is assigned to one class per day), Canyon View, Crescent, East Midvale, Midvalley, Oak Hollow, Sandy, Willow Canyon, Willow Springs
      2. Stopped after Spring Break- Alta View and Quail Hollow
      3. 6 of the Schools above didn’t receive a public warning.
  1. What do the aides think?
    1. Corrie invited Coach Rees to share what recess aides had to say.
      1. Audrey shared the following: (these are points she has witnessed along with things aides told her)
        1. Every class was able to have their own equipment to allow more opportunities to use equipment.
        2. Kids are participating more in games.
        3. Less bullying
        4. Easier to keep track of all the kids.
        5. Kids are not as “clicky” resulting in everyone being included.
        6. Spreading out in zones gives more options.
        7. Classes are doing full class game tournaments- which has never happened at Brookwood!
      2. Tori- Why are we doing zones? Is it for COVID? Tori says there is only 1 quarantine at the Elementary level and it is a school that has zones.
      3. It was asked if recess would be masked. Corrie says she will not make kids wear masks outside. It will for sure stay a mask break time.
      4. Abby pointed out at this point in the year and with testing coming up, we need to do what’s best for the kids.
      5. When is quarantine required?
        Corrie has to contact trace when children are unmasked for 15+ minutes with someone who may have exposed a person/people at school.
      6. Abby pointed out that our last quarantine at Brookwood was February 9th.
      7. Megan mentioned that as a sub she has witnessed the rollercoaster of emotions kids have faced and how concerned kids get when they see their teacher is out and she is subbing.
      8. Kathy feels consistency is key. Change at this point is huge. Kids may not know where to go if zones are lifted. There is a huge bond in classes. Even if kids have been playing with friends, they may not have anyone if zones are cancelled.
      9. Katie mentioned Mrs. Rotermund shared that she has seen her kids learn to fix conflict, and it has been great for that reason!
      10. Caroline feels consistency is necessary and she has not heard of anyone complaining about zones.
      11. Corrie has not had the thought of zones next year. She plans to not have them unless there are changes to regulations between now and the fall.
      12. Nutrition services are trying to get funding for cafeteria workers so we can continue to have one grade level outside at a time again next year! If the district cannot come up with the $7,000 to make this happen, SCC can discuss pulling these funds from cell tower funds.
      13. Mrs. Barrett stated that it needs to be clear that these decisions are being made by the SCC. She is not advocating for zones to stay in place past this school year! She hopes that next year we can be back to the old normal.
  1. Abby motioned to vote on keeping zones or removing zones for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Amy seconded.
    1. Clarification that this vote is just for this school year. It will be added to the agenda May 14 to discuss recesses for next year and how they will be organized.
    2. Kathy also pointed out that May 1 is on the calendar as the day the district will announce the expectations for the rest of the year. Corrie (and the teachers) are hoping they will be able to do walking field trips in May. Corrie is fighting to allow each grade a walking field trip and to allow 5th grade to be able to have their traditional pool day! The districts issue is trying to limit activities to those that allow social distancing.
      1. Votes:
        1. Lance- Cancel zones, curious if we could do a hybrid model next year because zones have had pros and cons?
        2. Derek- Keep zones, due to faculty feedback for the rest of the year he feels like we should keep going with them.
        3. Misa- keep zones, we should support faculty feedback
        4. Katie- Keep zones, she has been out on the playground and has seen the benefits
        5. Caroline- Keep zones, we only have 18 days left consistency is important
        6. Amy- keep zones, consistency is important and testing scores could be influenced with change
        7. Abby- keep zones, a teacher poll showed 6 teachers wanted to keep them. 1 wanted to get rid of them. Teachers opinions matter and with little time left their opinions are priority.
        8. Hadley (remote vote)- keep zones
        9. Kathy- Keep zones, consistency is key and she has seen the benefits
        10. Corrie- Keep zones, the year is almost over and consistency is important
        11. Megan- Keep zones, consistency is key and we have very few days left.
      2. Abby motioned to adjourn the meeting. Derek Seconded. All in favor.dM
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