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February 21, 2020 – Minutes

Brookwood School Community Council Agenda

Friday February 21, 2020
Room 10

Member Present:
Abby Pohlman, Amy Jones, Misa Sorenson, Kim Wedlick and Katie Park, Illy Marinez (PTA Representative)
Faculty/Staff: Principal Corrie Barrett, Monica Rotermund

Member Excused:
Lance Soffe
Marsha Wallin

Attendees Present:
Nancy Tingey, School Board Member; Shauna Cooper, Building Leadership Team Faculty Member

Meeting was called to order at 7:50

  1. Welcome – Abby Pohlman
  2. Review/approval of January minutes – Abby Pohlman
    – Motion to approve Abby, Seconded by Corrie, all approve
  3. Art-A-Palooza – Abby Pohlman
    – On track for March 5th event.
    – New this year: punch cards sold at SEP night; drink station run by PTA
  4. SCC finances update – Corrie Barrett
    a.  SCC will finalize 2020-2021 Landtrust and TSSA plans at March meeting.
    b.  Landtrust funds:
         – on track to spend funds as budgeted.
         – Next year, plan to continue push-in intervention for ELA as well as
           continue to fund one math interventionist.
    c. TSSP:
         – on track to spend funds this year.
        –  Everyone is please with the full-time counselor position and with the plan to
           continue providing intervention for a modified walk-to-math program.
        – Building Leadership Team is pleased with Walk-To-Math program
                 — Recommends shifting focus on Walt-To-Math program to focus more on
                    critical foundation skills to address skills gaps rather than on current material.
                 –This program is a pull-out model during Skill Based Instruction time.  SCC
                    reviewed the master schedule to see how schedules are coordinated to not
                    overlap during this time.
    d. Cell Tower Funds:
        – On track
        – Book Vending Machine will cost $4500 and will be added to the school store.
                   Motioned by Amy, seconded by Kim, all approved.
         – Proposed 2019-2020 Budget amendment for $300 for Art Teacher for
           additional art supplies.
      e. School Fundraiser
          – SCC proposes to at $200 to fundraising for Choir.
                     Motioned by Abby, seconded by Kim, all approved
  5. Input from PTA representatives – Illy Martinez
  6. Input from the community-
    Nancy Tingey, School Board Member: encouraged parents to attend Town Hall regarding School Superintendent search
  7. Dates to remember – SCC Members
            – March 27, 2020
            – May 1, 2020
  8. Adjourn – Abby Pohlman
Meeting adjourned at 8:40                
         Motion by Abby to adjourn, seconded by Corrie

2019-2020 SCC Meetings
March 27, 2020
May 1, 2020

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