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February 24, 2023 – Minutes

Friday, February 24, 2023
Brookwood’s Media Center

Members Present:
Parents: Amy Jones, Megan Olson, Derek Matsumori, Hadley Waters and Katie Park

Faculty/Staff: Principal Corrie Barrett, Caroline Butters, Kathy Smith

Members Excused:
Parents: Beau Olsen and Tori Easton
Faculty/Staff: N/A

Attendees Present: None

Megan- Welcome Called meeting to order at 7:45

  • Megan motioned to approve January Meeting Minutes. Kathy Smith 2nd. All in favor.
  • Corrie reviewed the school data and BLT Proposal for TSSA (including Action Plan)
    1. Corrie presented data on Math Testing scores for the 2nd The current goal for Brookwood students is that 80% of students, in each grade (1-5), will meet or surpass typical progress on Acadience testing. All grades appear to be on track to meeting this goal, with the exception of 3rd grade (seems to still have side effects from inconsistency of schooling during Covid). School average for the M-Comp is 81% and for the M-Cap is 85%. There has been a rise in the M-Cap scores since the school has implemented the use of the ST math program.
    2. Corrie presented data on Reading Testing scores for the 2nd The current goal for Brookwood students is that 75% of students, in grades K-3, will meet or surpass typical progress on the Acadience Reading Pathway of Progress measure. The goal for students in grades 4-5 is to for 75% to meet or surpass their expected growth goal as measured by Reading Inventory. All grades appear to be on track to meeting their goals. A reading goal for all teachers is to try to find a way to increase enjoyment of reading amongst students.
    3. The attendance of Brookwood students has improved again during the second trimester. Hoping to see this number continue to rise.
    4. Derek would like to see progress monitoring data for the kids who are receiving interventions to determine if Land Trust money is being well spent.
  • Cell tower balance is unexpectedly healthy due to Brookwood, currently, getting paid for both cell towers.
    1. The cell tower in the front of the school will be taken down during spring break, if spring break timeline is insufficient, the tower will be taken down during summer break.
  • Artapalooza Update
    1. Artapalooza will take place March 1st and 2nd in conjunction with Parent Teacher Conferences.
    2. There will be a store, silent auction, guest appearances by Spider Man, Rapunzel, and Elsa, tickets for teacher experiences, and art tables where the kids can participate in art projects.
    3. The monetary goal for this year is $12,000
  • Megan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:40. Kathy 2nd. All in favor.
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