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January 20, 2023 – Minutes

Friday, January 20, 2023
Brookwood’s Media Center

Members Present:
Parents: Megan Olson, Derek Matsumori, Beau Olsen, Tori Easton, and Katie Park

Faculty/Staff: Principal Corrie Barrett, Kathy Smith

Members Excused:
Parents:  Haley Waters and Amy Jones
Faculty/Staff: Caroline Butters

Attendees Present: N/A

Megan – Welcome Called meeting to order at 7:45

  • Review/Approval of October minutes – Megan Olson motioned to approve. Kathy 2nd. All in favor.
  • Art-a-palooza
    1. Discussed Community Event vs PTC Event
    2. Reviewed Assignments & Participation
  • Review of Safe Routes Utah
    1. Considered a Right Turn only out of the Brookwood Parking Lot.
    2. Talked about changes that would occur if this change was instituted.
  • Megan proposed a study done on this change via the city/district. Derek, Megan, Katie, Kathy, Corrie, and Beau were all in favor. Tori Easton was the dissenting vote.
  • Corrie presented Current Budget for LAND Trust and gave a timeline for creating new 2023-24 TSSP, LAND Trust Goals and Action Plan.
  • Cell Tower
    1. Corrie presented a time-line for the removal of the cell tower that is located in the front of the school.
    2. Tower will be removed over spring break, if that is not possible, the tower will be removed over summer break.
  • Attendance Goal of 65% of students attending at least 95% of the trimester was not met in 1st trimester of school (51%)
    1. Current 2nd trimester attendance data is favorable in terms of goal.
    2. Discussed action plan to continue to meet the attendance goals of school.
  • Megan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:35. Derek 2nd. All in favor.
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