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March 20, 2020 – Minutes

Brookwood School Community Council Agenda

Friday March 20, 2020
Virtual Meeting via Google Meet due to Coronavirus School Closure

Member Present:
Abby Pohlman, Amy Jones, Misa Sorenson, Kim Wedlick and Katie Park, Lance Soffe, Illy Marinez (PTA Representative)
Faculty/Staff: Principal Corrie Barrett, Monica Rotermund, Marsha Wallin

Member Excused:

Attendees Present:
see above

Meeting was called to order at 7:50

  1. Welcome – Abby Pohlman
  2. Review/approval of February minutes – Abby Pohlman
    – Motion to approve Abby, Seconded by Corrie, all approve
  3. Art-A-Palooza Event Recap – Abby Pohlman
    a.  Most successful event to date both in attendance and donations.
    b.  Donation totals may be impacted by Coronavirus closures ie. Teacher Experiences, Theater Tickets, etc.
    c.  Abby will have a more comprehensive debrief, however, SCC members mentioned a few items:  Monica suggested a “tip jar” for special stations that could ab added to the event totals; and it would be better if the event did not come at the same time as the Ouelessebougou fundraiser.   Also, the event ran out of dinner and people who hand purchased passes were expecting to be able to use them for dinner.
  4. SCC finances update – Corrie Barrett
    a.  Landtrust:
         – Reviewed current and proposed landtrust budgets.
         – For the current year, we are on track to spend funds as planned.  Hourly
           Reading Interventionists are continuing to support students and are
    employed as are all hourly CSD employees at the time.
    b. TSSP:
         – For the current year, we are on track to spend funds as planned.  Mrs Navarro           will provide online lessons and home school support during the Coronovirus 
         – This program is a pull-out model during Skill Based Instruction time.  SCC
           reviewed the master schedule to see how schedules are coordinated to not
           overlap during this time.
    d. Cell Tower Funds:
        – For the current year, we are on track to spend funds as planned.
        – For next year, we will plan to purchase a new Chromebook lab. 
               Note: chromebooks have been checked out to students for online
              schooling from school’s existing lab and we anticipate more wear
              and tear than would typically be seen at school.
    e. School Fundraiser
          – For the current year, we are on track to spend funds as planned and
            break even.
  5. LandTrust and TSSP Plan Final Approval – Corrie Barrett
    a. LandTrust and TSSP
        – SCC approved the plan as outlined in prior meeting.
        – Same allocation of funds with modification of Walk to Math program as discussed in last meeting.
        – The form requires signatures of SCC Members.  SCC members agreed to come
           to the school later in the day or on Monday to sign the form.   
           The form will be in the school lobby.
  6. Input from the community-
    a.  N/A
  7. Adjourn – Motion by Abby to adjourn, seconded by Amy
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