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September 23, 2022 – Minutes

Friday, September 23, 2022 Brookwood’s Media Center

Members Present: Parents: Amy Jones, Megan Olson, Derek Matsumori, Tori Easton and Katie Park

Faculty/Staff: Principal Corrie Barrett, Caroline Butters, Kathy Smith

Members Excused: Parents: Misa Sorenson, Hadley Waters, Beau Olsen Faculty/Staff: N/A

Attendees Present: Sharee Olsen, Abby Pohlman

Abby – Meeting was called to order at 7:50 by outgoing SCC Chair.

Chair Voting:

  • Corrie nominated Megan Olson as chair. Kathy 2nd. All in favor.
  • Amy nominated Katie Park as Vice chair. Megan 2nd. All in favor.

Megan motioned to approve May Meeting Minutes. Amy Jones 2nd. All in favor.

Financial Update was given by Corrie.

  • Land Trust will be used to pay for Reading and Math Interventionists.
  • Cell tower balance is healthy. Vote was taken to approve a $2000 transfer from Cell Tower to School Social Committee Fund. Amy moved to support the transfer, Megan 2nd. All in favor.
  • School Fundraiser funds were dispersed as discussed with an excess that will be appropriated throughout the year at the SCC’s discretion.
  • PTA and SCC are planning to meet to discuss a possible streamline of the budgets.

Review of School Plans was given by Corrie

  • Land Trust/TSSP 2022/23 academic goals were discussed.
  • Safe walking routes were noted and approved.
  • School safety and Digital Citizenship will be discussed further at October meeting.
  • Positive Behavior Plan is being implemented at the school, classroom, and specialist level. SCC unanimously approved of this plan.
  • Michelle Brunson was hired as an attendance tracker and is doing a great job.

Corrie introduced a new program called Hyrdroponics STEM Grant, a video was watched, and program was presented. Amy motioned that the staff should do further research into the program and Kathy seconded the motion. All in favor.

Megan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:45. Amy 2nd. All in favor.

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